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Promo Video for JD Outlaw’s new single “The American In Me” coming July 4th 2013


Here is a promo video for JD Outlaw’s new hit patriotic country single “The American in Me” that will be released on July 4, 2013 – just in time for the 4th of July!



The song will be available for download on 7/4/2013:







JD Outlaw records new patriotic single for the summer of 2013


NASHVILLE, Tenn., June 23, 2013 – JD Outlaw follows up his success of his last country album, “Music and Moonshine”, with the new patriotic hit single “The American in Me”.  The single will be released on Independence Day – July 4, 2013.

JD Outlaw says “Essentially the song was written about people working hard and losing their dreams, jobs, houses and businesses – based on things totally out of their control within the economy.  And about the military men and women dying and fighting for us to live the way we do.  And when they get back home from overseas how difficult it is for them to find jobs. I have close friends in that exact situation. The song is also about how very proud I am to live here.”

“The American in Me”
by JD Outlaw

Recording Studio: Rocking Horse Studio, Pittsfield New Hampshire
Producer: JD Outlaw / Brian Coombes
Engineer & Mixing: Brian Coombes
Mastering: Gateway Mastering, Portland Maine
Mastering Engineer: Adam Ayan

Studio Musicians:

Writer/lyrics/composition/vocals: JD Outlaw
Acoustic Guitar: Joe Weeden
Bass Guitar: James Galloway
Drums: Eric Wagley
Electric Guitar: Bob Miles, Joe Weeden
Fiddle: Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

“The American in Me” single will be available for purchase and download on July 4, 2013 on itunes and other online places.  To celebrate the release, JD Outlaw will be performing at The Wanted Saloon in Dickson, TN on July 3, 2013, and at the Dickson VFW in Dickson, TN on July 4, 2013.

JD Outlaw is from many different hometowns in Alabama, and now lives in the Nashville area. He has played shows all over the country. In 2012, he played a 100 day tour in over 35 states. Growing up in the heart of Dixie, his style was developed while listening to his mother’s radio playing traditional country music and over hearing it while in the pasture. JD Outlaw’s music comes from growing up in the grunge / post grunge era of rock. His style, music, and his personal outlook on life takes a “real” feel approach.  JD Outlaw has an unique ability to bring musicians of all types together to create and share all kinds of awesome live music. He is always growing his extended musical family. JD Outlaw is currently writing the follow up to his 2011 seven track hit record “Music and Moonshine” that featured the hits “Watchin that Moonshine”, “Famous Outlaw”, and “Mason Dixon Line”.

More information on JD Outlaw is available at:



JD Outlaw – “Watchin That Moonshine” and “Montgomery” live HD Videos – 03/21/2013


JD Outlaw was recently back in the Boston area and brought that awesome country rock with him.

JD Outlaw currently lives down in the Nashville, TN area, but hails from Alabama.  He lived up in the Boston area for a few years, and then went on tour for several months (while on his honeymoon no less) – playing everything from living rooms to packed bars – literally coast to coast;  playing in almost every state.  He and his new wife got to see a lot of the Country, but a lot of the Country got to experience him!


In 2011, JD Outlaw released his first independent CD called “Music and Moonshine” which included the hit “Watchin that Moonshine”.  You can check out that awesome CD at Itunes or CD Baby.

JD Outlaw is currently in the studio recording and mixing his new single “The American in Me” which is scheduled to be released on the 4th of July (07/04/2013).  For more information, please check out JD Outlaw’s ReverbNation page, his Facebook page, or website.

Below are two Exclusive Videos of JD Outlaw singing two of his country hits recorded live on 03/21/2013 at The Chit Chat in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

Recorded in HD: so make sure you change the Quality to 720p or higher.
Please Enjoy these Logical Entertainment Exclusives:

JD Outlaw – “Watchin That Moonshine” live 03/21/2013 – HD


JD Outlaw – “Montgomery’ live 03/21/2013 – HD



Or you can watch them below: